ASSAB 2714

ASSAB 2714 is a vacuum-degassed Cr-Ni-Mo-V alloyed steel. It is supplied either in soft-annealed or prehardened condition. In the prehardened condition, no further heat treatment is required.  ASSAB 2714 is suitable for use as :

  • Hot forging tools
  • Extrusion tools such as bolsters, mandrels, sleeves, die holders and backing plates
  • Tools for hot shearing, hot forming and pressing
  • Good toughness
  • Good resistance to high thermal stresses
  • Good dimensional stability during hardening
  • Good through-hardening properties
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Chemical composition
Carbon 0.55 Silicon 0.30 Manganese 0.80
Chromium 1.20 Nickel 1.60 Molybdenum 0.50
Vanadium 0.10

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