AM Dievar for Additive Manufacturing

The Promise of AM in High Pressure Die Casting

High Pressure Die Casting is an application that has the most problems associated with extreme heat exposure and heat dissipation. The tool steel often used in overcoming these challenges is Dievar. It has properties that delay degradation from the cyclical process and overlong production time. However, Dievar can be limited by conventional toolmaking, which can only place cooling channels where drills can reach with conventional milling and drilling machines. With AM Dievar, we can now introduce conforming cooling, overcoming these challenges.

AM Dievar is specially designed for Additive Manufacturing. It is a material that shows all the properties of the P-ESR material. This powder also has the hot properties, such as better soldering and heat checking resistance, that customers are looking for in AM. AM Dievar can be used to make designs of complex geometry with good properties.

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